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Tummy Corset Shaper

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$24.00 USD
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This waist cincher flattens your tummy and shapes your back

Do you wish that your waist was smaller? The hourglass figure is a desirable one for many women, but it doesn’t come naturally to most.Our Tummy Corset Sharper is here to help! From the smallest sizes to a 6XL, it is the must-have waist cincher for every woman!

Double slimming layers hi-compression control tummy
Hide unwanted bulges
Sexy u-shape push up chest style
Slimming butt lifter shorts
Lose weight & keep fit corset

              Wear it to see for yourself what an extra-firm waist cincher can do!

Fat Burn
With a balanced diet and reasonable exercise, accelerate sweating and fat burning, let metabolize faster.
This waist cincher flattens your tummy
Carves out your waist, and shapes your back for a total torso transformation
Local Sauna
Promote local blood circulation, increase the temperature of the waist and abdomen.
Body Sculpting
Our Tummy Corset Sharper has extra-firm compression to sculpt your curves. The materials it's made of are much lighter than average, making it easier to wear without losing any of its sculpting power
Spine Correction
Keep the spine in the right position by improving overall posture.
Reduce Back Pain
Preventing and correcting hunchbacks greatly decreases back pain.
Shape Breasts: Underbust design to make breasts upright and charming.
Protecting core muscle groups and reducing the risk of injury during sporting.
Hourglass Body Shaper
Get about 3-4 inch waistline reduction instantly. 




  1. DOUBLE SLIMMING LAYERS HI-COMPRESSION CONTROL TUMMY: the waist slimmer bodysuit abdomen part is 2 layers, inside layer full around midsection and outside layer with full tiny holes to provide super high compression on tummy, hold stomach in, reduce waistline instantly. It also can be used as a liposuction compression garment in the recovery process, body trainer shaper offers all the support and compression to your ab which needs to get back to its original shape.
  2. HIDE UNWANTED BULGES: this waist girdle shape wear has 3 rows of hook and eye closure on belly part & 2 adjustable shoulder straps, more convenient to adjust this weight trainer, to ensure you could fit it at most extent, long torso and short torso, also can be worn wear as a back brace under, then give you a smoother curve and help you look more beautiful in dresses/suits/daily clothes etc.
  3. SEXY U-SHAPE PUSH UP CHEST STYLE: Open bust bodysuit body shaper, special front U-type anti-droop underbust design makes your breast more erect and attractive, effectively firm control armpit & back flabby fat to make your full body no lumps or bumps or bulks, create you a wonderful hourglass figure. remains breathable/sweat free/moisture wicking and comfortable to be worn all day long.
  4. SLIMMING BUTT LIFTER SHORTS: this waist trainer body shaper crotch part is 100% cotton material, breathable and comfortable, very healthy to wear. The lower part 3 rows of hook and eye closure adjustable crotch make it easy to wear from feet to waist and convenient to use the bathroom, also helps to tighten your bottom and lift your butt, creating a slimmer feminine silhouette.
  5. LOSE WEIGHT & KEEP FIT CORSET: The waist cincher bodysuits can slim tummy, reduce waistline, support back, correct posture, protect spine, relieve waist pain. Also this waist training corset can help postpartum recovery all process, expedite fat burn while exercise, combined with a healthy lean diet and drink plenty of water for great results.


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